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Information about cookies

A cookie is a text-based data file which a website can use to save information on the computer of the website visitor. Cookies are often used to enable access to different functions or services on the website. The information contained in cookies varies from website to website but usually concerns information which enhances the user experience. There are two types of cookies: cookies and session cookies.

  • Cookies?can e.g. be used to report to the visitor what has happened on the website since the last time it was visited. This type of cookies can also be used to gather statistics or save a username and/or a password necessary to log into a service. The information is stored for a varied lenght of time, determined by the website.
  • Session cookies?can be used during the time a user is visiting the website. These cookies are only saved temporarily on the work memory of the website visitor’s computer and are automatically deleted when the visitor closes the web browser. A usual function for this type of cookies is to maintain temporary settings like language, CSS or alike. They can also facilitate navigation on the website.

The law on electronic communication came into effect on 25th July 2003 and was amended on the 1st of July 2011. According to the law, it is mandatory to inform about? the purpose of saving the information which is saved and the user must give his/her consent to this. The Hostel Yoga sites use cookies to steer the functioning of the website, gather statistics and manage sessions. We do not save personal identifying information in the cookies. Should you choose not to accept cookies you can change the settings of your web browser so that it automatically denies saving cookies or that you are informed every time a website requires to save a cookie. You can also delete previously saved cookies on your web browser. The Hostel Yoga sites may have limited performance without the acceptance of cookies.